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Investments into the real estate are the most stable and secure way to get income

Where to invest today?

By the information of the City Bank and the consulting company Knight Frank, those people whose wealth is more than $10 mln think that the most effective way to increase the wealth is investment into real estate (33%), little less consider shares to be more attracktive (24%), currencies (17 %) and obligations (13 %). For gold people put aside 0,5%  of the investment.
As we know, the operation of the real estate market depends on many factors, including: financial, political, economic, and environmental. Tangible impact on the financial side of real estate market has made the global financial crisis of 2008 - 2009 years, and it was during considerable time was in standby mode.

The consequences of the  crisis in the USA have negative impact on the financial market of the world, dollar is on the edge of default. Donald trump said on this the following: “This is a sad day when a big owner stars accepting gold instead of dollar... If I start accepting gold as a mean of payment other people will do  the same, and perhaps we will see some changes”. This unstable situation on the currences market increases the possibility of losses, that's why trading with currences became more risky and the demand for it decreased.

Why should I invest into real estate?

Real estate is an especial asset with minimum risk and stable demand (contrary to the operations with currences and obligations).
Нерухомість є особливим активом, ризик інвестування в яку є значно меншим, а попит більш стабільним, відносно операцій з купівлі валюти, акцій чи облігацій.
If during a crisis the demand for household items is decreasing while the prices prices are rising - it increases in real estate. Conversely, if property prices are growing demand grows.
The above facts show that one of the reliable objects for investment at the moment is real estate.

The return time in the real estate sphere is about 4-7 years in Ukraine (it's very good), while in Europe this indicator is 10-20 years. The possibility of losses are minimum, there is very low amortization level and the exploitation period is for centuries. Building are not getting spoiled, if some damages happen they can be repaired.

What will be the impact of EURO-2012 on the real estate in Ukraine?

Today when the economy slightly recovered from the crisis, building is growing and the EURO-2012 boosts it. The situation at the investment market is getting better: significant ammounts of money are invested into building of roads, bridges, airports and stadiums. This stimulates the development of real estate market of Ukraine and Lviv, partially, as hosting city.

Lviv  is wonderful place for recreation and is among top 10 weekend places of Europe (3d position). Its due to the unique mestrious architecture of the city. Here are about 100 church buildings, more than 60 museums, every year more than 100 festivals are held here (in this – international), as well as lots of recreation centres, parks and night clubs. With honor we call the city cultural capital of Ukraine.
In 2009 it was considered to be one of the most comfortable cities for living in Ukraine. This shows developed infrastructure and cultural life in Lviv and creates convenient investment climate for building sector of the city

Thus, the real estate market is actively stabilized. Real estate prices rise every year, while demand remains stable. This means that it is an opportune time to invest in real estate to increase their capital.
Real estate agency METER will help you with choosing an attractive property for buying. We assist with documentation. For more detailed information please contact us by the phones and follow changes on the site.


As for today the crisis iss over. The real estate remains stable object for investment for gettin profit. The real estate operations are growing.