Apartments Multy room 1-room.rent2-room.3-room.
square meters. 2000$
8692000 грн.
Multy room
The total area 164 square meters.
Residential 80 square meters.
Kitchen 25 square meters.

Drive 10 minutes from the center, we find ourselves in a picturesque corner of the city near the park Pohulyanka.Same here in the hills a few new buildings were built luxury klasu.Kvartyra is in the best of these budynkiv.Tsilodobova protection, its closed area, the highest point with panoramic views of Lviv . the one hand house borders the park which makes it environmentally friendly and feeling that you live like Karpatah.Pidnimayemos a comfortable lift to p "fifth floor. immediately crossed the threshold of apartment impresses with its renovation, design, expensive interior and yerom meblyamy.Z windows offer scenic view of the historical part Lvova.Tse perfect choice for those who are willing to pay for quality, comfort, environmental friendliness and sophistication

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